Remembering Nepal

Hello, dear Reader. No doubt you have seen news coverage of the devastating earthquake that rocked Nepal earlier this week. I spent some time there in 2010 on a volunteer assignment with Habitat for Humanity and, as you can imagine, this disaster is weighing rather heavily on my heart. My intent isn’t to overwhelm you with tales of poverty and destruction or to describe a plight that seems too enormous to alleviate. Quite the opposite, in fact.

These past few days I have been reliving my time in Nepal, sifting through old photos and reading outdated emails sent to my family during that trip. It was a great experience full of new friendships, exploration, and the frustration that comes with being out of my comfort zone. I plan to piece together some details of this journey over the next few weeks, not because I want you to donate (though I do), not because the news is tragic (though it is), but rather because I want to create a vivid picture of the Nepal that I experienced. My hope, dear Reader, is that you will be able to better understand the incredible culture, landscape, and warm-heartedness of the Nepali people. Then maybe, just maybe, the tragedy won’t seem to have happened in a land far away.

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