#OOTD (Errryday) in Iceland

Dear Reader, how many times have you thought to yourself: Gee, Malia is such a fashion visionary, I wish she would do a style issue!

Exactly zero times? That’s what I thought.

My love for beautiful clothes is no secret but neither is the fact that I have little patience for shopping. A far cry from a Maxxinista, I am all too happy to pay full price for something that is neatly sized, creatively displayed, and will get me outta that store pronto. Despite all of this, I spent a good chunk of time contemplating  my wardrobe for Iceland. Knowing the temps would range from 55-75 degrees throughout the day to totally-freaking-freezing on the glaciers, I was stumped.

Oh sure, the guidebooks suggest you pack layers. But what help is that? Layers for hot spring dipping, layers for rain storms, layers for glacial conditions, layers for the impending volcanic explosion of Katla due any minute now…. It’s all too much! With the weather changing every five seconds, I often found myself peu chic or, at the very least, impractically dressed.

So let’s talk about the ensemble that was crucial to keeping the good times rolling in Iceland….

(drum roll please)

… The all-purpose, one-piece SNOWSUIT! 

Stepping into one of these babies is like sliding into a warm, puffy sleeping bag. Zippers run alongside the leg from the knee down, making wrestling matches with tight ankle holes a thing of the past. The suits are peppered with handy pockets that accommodate everything from survival snacks to iPhones all while bright colors and reflective strips increase your odds of being rescued in an emergency. And can I get a “hell yeah!” for the cinchable hood?!

This smart one-piece, provided to us by several of our tour vendors, kept us comfortable during windy whale watches, snowmobiling excursions, and speed boating through glacial lagoons. (We’ll chat about those last two excursions in my next post). So bring your layers, dear Reader, but do not fret (or jam your suitcase); the Icelanders expect you to be unprepared for the elements and they totally have your back!

Hey, I’m not saying looking stylish in Iceland is impossible. But I am saying that it should be the least of your worries. Get outside already! (Even if it’s raining. Because it’s probably raining. Or about to rain).

Thanks for reading my first – and likely last – style blog. Ever.

P.S. Fearing I might be out of touch, I did some research before posting my first style blog. And by ‘research’ I mean I typed style blog into the Google search bar. Mostly it resulted in a bunch of boring stuff about clothes, but it also revealed – finally! – the meaning of the mysterious #OOTD. After months of not knowing (and not caring enough to find out), at last: Outfit Of The Day. Did you hear that, dear Reader? The Day. People are being stylish on the regular! Whoa!



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