Social Distancing Solutions

With nearly 37 years of experience as an undercover introvert, Malia Rosado is uniquely qualified to offer social distancing solutions designed to elevate your isolation and enhance your well-being. 

Human interaction is undergoing an unprecedented transformation, making social exchanges not only exhausting, but also potentially life-threatening. We can help. (And by “we” of course I mean “me” because a team would be entirely too peopley).

The rapid emergence of Covid-19, while inconvenient, offers unique opportunities to rethink the value of your daily interactions. Ask yourself: is that small talk with your coworkers really meeting your needs? Nah. My stay-at-home-and-mind-ya-business strategies make navigating even the peskiest pandemic a breeze. While my customized social distancing solutions vary to meet the unique needs of each client (I have exactly zero), I’ve provided some guidelines below to get you started.

Tune Out (At Least A Little). The case numbers are climbing. This won’t change in the next few hours so give yourself a break from the news cycle. This is the perfect time to binge on that popular series you missed out on or dive into a documentary. We’re finally watching The Wire and I routinely self-soothe with Ken Burns documentaries.

Meal Prep. Armed with an arsenal of TP and a bounty of Bounty, surely you also remembered to buy food? Do your future self a favor and prep something delicious and nutritious. If the virus doesn’t get you, allergies likely will and you’ll be thankful for a stash of comfort food.

Tune In. Check out these podcasts while you’re cooking or spring cleaning. If The Atlantic’s Floodlines is too heavy for you, try Armchair Expert with Dax Shepard. I love Dax. He’s thoughtful while bringing a lightness to even the most complex issues.

Natural Remedies. No, I’m not selling essential oils. Get outside, you guys. I don’t care if it’s cold or drizzly or hotter than heck, spending time in nature lends perspective and grounds us in times of trial. Fresh air is critical to your physical and mental health. Do this every day.

The Great Indoors. Novels. Scrabble. Puzzles. Crafting. Bubble baths. Netflix. The world is in crisis and you’ve been asked to step up by simply staying put. It’s an easy call to answer, no?

Stay strong. Literally. Maintaining your physical health is totally possible from your living room. Pull up YouTube and you’ve got some great – free! – options. Fitness Blender offers all kinds of scalable workouts that require little to no equipment. Alo Yoga also has a variety of classes for all ability levels and even Yoga for Kids (because, make no mistake, they’re picking up on these stressful vibes too).

PCSing This Year? If you’re military and scheduled to move this year, you know you have a junk drawer or closet that needs sorting. Yes, I deftly avoided this chore by blogging instead.

Laugh. You can take the threat seriously while also enjoying a coronavirus meme here and there. If it is the end of days, no sense spending them being miserable. Stay in touch with loved ones and remind yourself of what introverts have known for centuries: We’re in this together! (But separately. From our own homes).

Note: Though this blog is tongue-in-cheek, I do believe we’re best served by limiting our contact with others during this time. The math is compelling and, if you’re not into that sort of thing, this Washington Post article does a great job of illustrating the virtues of social distancing. And if we’re all overreacting? (Shrug). You exercised, meal prepped, and spent some extra time with your family. You’re welcome.


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